1 week turnaround  |  Over 10,000 Jobs completed
1 week turnaround  |  Over 10,000 jobs completed
1 week turnaround | Over 10,000 tree surgeries complete

Tree Planting

With years of tree planting experience, at APEX we have the knowledge and expertise to recommend the best tree species to use in order to meet your needs. Our highly-accredited tree planting service means we have the capabilities to make all your landscaping dreams a reality. Appropriate placement of trees and shrubbery can help create stunning garden spaces at relatively low cost. From single specimens, through to creating a small woodlands and tree-lined avenues, here at APEX we are tree specialists and can assist you every step of the way.

We offer a large range of different tree species and these can be provided at different stages of maturity. Whether you are looking towards the future and require saplings or you are looking for fully mature specimens for a more immediate solution, APEX aims to provide best option to fit you and your needs.

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Correct Planting

Correct planting is absolutely critical for tree establishment. Our team use a number of different methods before, during and after planting to ensure healthy and long-lasting trees and shrubbery. Planting positions are agreed upon with the customer before any work is carried out. These positions are then marked and planting pits are excavated.

Drainage management systems are then installed where appropriate. Younger trees are secured by the traditional stake-and-tie technique, however larger specimens are placed using overhead or underground platipus anchorage systems. Once the trees are planted the planting pit is refilled with the existing topsoil that was excavated prior to plantation, ensuring limited waste product.


Electrical cables and other underground services can limit our ability to plant in some locations. It is the responsibility of the customer to inform us of possible complications such as this, however our highly skilled team will undertake an extensive assessment of the plantation area before any work is carried out.

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