1 week turnaround  |  Over 10,000 Jobs completed
1 week turnaround  |  Over 10,000 jobs completed
1 week turnaround | Over 10,000 tree surgeries complete

Woodland Management

Areas of woodland often require management in order to be healthy and sustainable.

APEX has a long history of woodland management and have in the past worked with private woodland owners, woodland investment companies, local & district councils and wildlife & conservation groups. The overall aim of this work is to maintain wildlife conservation and increase bio-diversity, whilst at the same time making the woodland accessible and manageable. Woodland management is above all else the pursuit of successful co-habitation of humans and other species in a natural environment.

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Tracks & Pathways

A key activity of woodland management is the creation of tracks and pathways. Tracks can unlock a woodland's potential, allowing us to gain deep access to a previously unreachable area. In public woodland pathways can open up the area for use in activities such as dog-walking and horse riding. In commercial woodland tracks give access for timber and product extraction. Tracks also help to define woodland boundaries and help to manage space.

Ditch Creation

Another important aspect to woodland management is ditch creation. By digging a series of ditches in strategic areas, woodland drainage can be improved, preventing flooding. Once ditches have been installed it is incredibly important to keep these areas clear. This is a relatively easy process, however can be required often.

Tree control is perhaps the most integral part of woodland management. A number of different techniques can be used, such as selective felling and branch thinning, however coppicing is probably the most effective method.

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Coppicing is a system in which trees are cut to ground level during winter months. The trees are then left to regrow, however are cut again once they reach a harvestable size. Different areas of woodland are coppiced at different times. The idea behind this technique is that the woodland is in a constant cycle of regeneration. This system means that there is a range of different tree ages and heights across the whole woodland, which in turn increases biodiversity.

Here at APEX we are highly skilled in woodland management and adapt our methods to each individual project.

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