1 week turnaround  |  Over 10,000 Jobs completed
1 week turnaround  |  Over 10,000 jobs completed
1 week turnaround | Over 10,000 tree surgeries complete

Stump Removal

When removing a tree or large shrub, a small proportion of the trunk or stem remains in the ground. This is known as the stump. Tree stumps are unsightly and can be extremely difficult to remove. Stumps can attract fungus and other wood rotting organisms which can effect other trees and plants in the surrounding area.

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Stump Grinding

Tree stumps can also be difficult to mow around and must be removed if the area is to be replanted. Here at APEX we offer a stump grinding service to remove tree stumps such as these. We have the capability to remove stumps of all sizes, whether small or large and can even remove stumps from difficult, hard to access locations.

The most efficient method of stump removal is to use a stump grinder. This machine consists of a large diameter cutting wheel that is placed onto the stump and lowered progressively until the stump is ground out. Once the stump is removed the location can then be back-filled with top soil to allow replacement of turf or hard landscaping.

APEX has a large range of different stump grinders at our disposal, each of which has different capabilities. Whatever the size or location of the stump, we are confident we can produce the appropriate equipment to remove it with relative ease.

Stump Winching

Another method of stump removal is winching. This involves levering the stump from the ground using a winch system. This is largely effective however can be difficult in confined spaces.

Weed killer can also be applied to remove tree stumps, however this method takes time and is not always effective.

Here at APEX we strongly recommend the use of stump grinders. If operated correctly these machines can remove stumps quickly, leaving minimal waste, with no damage to the surrounding environment. Our experts have years of experience using stump grinding machines.

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