Deadwood & Moss Removal

Deadwood & Ivy Removal

Removing dead wood from trees is incredibly important. Over time deadwood can develop into tree decay, which will in turn eat away at the limbs of the tree. Dead wood can occur as a result of disease, wind damage, animal interaction or insufficient sunlight.

Whatever the cause, an excess of dead wood within a tree is incredibly dangerous as dead branches are liable to fall at any time.

The removal of dead wood involves an extensive assessment of the tree structure. Our expert tree surgeons will then decide on which branches need to be removed and to what extent.

Encouraging Wildlife 

Deadwood can remain safe for long periods and often provides important habitats for wildlife. Therefore leaving some natural dead tissue in the crowns of trees where appropriate and safe to do so can be beneficial.

Dead trees may even be made safe by reducing the size of the crown and being allowed to decay naturally and safely. However, dead limbs that overhang roads, public footpaths, buildings need to be removed as soon as possible.


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