Trees are essential components of both our natural and urban landscapes. They provide important wildlife habitats and can visually enhance the locations within which are situated. However, tree related issues can and do arise.

Apex solutions 

Here at APEX tree services we aim to provide clients with practical, efficient, and cohesive solutions to a wide range of tree related issues. We have the knowledge and experience to advise you on the best possible course of action to fit your problem.

Trees can at times interfere with surrounding buildings and can on occasions even cause structural damage. We provide insurance and mortgage reports that provide solutions to this problem and aim to reduce the risk of damage.

Risk Assessment

In any environment in which trees, property and people are in close proximity there is some degree of risk. Our team are highly experienced in risk assessment and can provide you with tree hazard reports detailing the probability damage and the percentage of deadwood and broken limbs. Every tree owner has a general duty of care to make sure their trees are systematically inspected by a competent person.

Consultancy Service

Our consultancy service can also help you to value a tree or area of woodland. Trees are incredibly difficult to value because they have many benefits that cannot be measured easily. These benefits include visual amenity, contribution to overall human wellbeing and habitat space. Despite this, assessment of tree value is sometimes essential to resolve a legal conflict or settle an insurance claim for damage.


Planning the plantation of trees and shrubbery in a new development can also be challenging. Here at APEX we offer an in-depth design consultation service that aims to maximise an environment's potential by planning appropriate tree placement and an ideal layout.

Whatever you tree-related needs, we are confident that we can advise you on the best possible solution and help guide you through the process.


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