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Soil Aeration & Tree Injection

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Technique For Soil Improvement & Tree Health

The Vogt GeoInjector is designed to inject high pressure air and nutrients, such as, Biochar into the soil with low risk and high impact. The GeoInjector uses techniques that result in soil improvement that targets both common and complex soil problems.


The Process
  • Inject holes into the root zone
  • Create cavities
  • Decompact and aerate the ground
  • Fill the cavities with precise fer tilisers and nutrients
Soil Decompaction and Aeration
  • Reduction of soil compaction
  • Stimulation of root growth through the improvement of soil structure and aeration
  • Draining of waterlogged soils to reactivate natural biological processes in the soil
Injection of Granual Material

  • Reduces the likelihood of re compaction after treatments
  • Increases soil moisture retention with water retaining granules
  • Mitigating salt stress with specialised granular
  • Enhances soil nutrient through precise fertilisation
  • Improves plant performance with organic bio stimulates and Biochar inoculation








The Vogt GeoTech injector is a revolutionary and innovative product new to the arboricultural industry. Apex Tree Surgeons have recently been awarded 1st place at The Ellingham & Ringwood Show and 2nd place at both The New Forest Show and The Romsey Show for their display of the GeoTech Injector. 







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