Health & Safety - new Sliders

Health & Safety - new Sliders

Health & Safety - new Sliders

Health & Safety

Apex Tree Surgeons take the health and safety of our staff, our customers and the general public very seriously. We maintain and operate our own very comprehensive set of health and safety guidelines all of which fully conform to the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. Every staff member receives a copy of our policy and is monitored to ensure that they implement it.

Staff Training

Apex staff receive comprehensive training and are constantly reviewed against CSCS and CSPS safety standards. Procedures for the safe handling, transport and storage of materials together with the correct maintenance of equipment are constantly assessed.

All team members are fully trained in first-aid and have expert knowledge of risk assessment.

Awareness Training

Awareness training is a very important part of our program and through this the early signs of exposure to hazardous materials are recognised and remedied. It is important that the risk of exposure to R42 products, bitumen, petrol, diesel, cement, paints, thinners and tack sprays are minimised as these can all damage an individual's respiratory system.

The dangers of excessive exposure to high noise and vibration levels are also areas which must be addressed in the training and by early identification they may be minimised or eradicated.

It is by this training and constant review of procedures that the well being of our employees and others may be safeguarded.
In the very unlikely event that there is ever an incident then our comprehensive public liability and employee liability insurances are there as a safety net to protect us all.

High Quality Work

It is all of these measures which enable us to commit to the highest quality of work, in the safest possible manner, resulting in complete satisfaction to you our customer.


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